Donna’s Tips for a Smooth Move

Front Steps 2.png
  1. Get written estimates from 3 movers.   Beware of estimates that are too good to be true.   Be sure to read the fine print before signing a contract.
  2. Donate or discard any items or clothes that you will not take to your new home.
  3. Stock up on supplies for packing: boxes, packing tape, magic markers, labels, etc.
  4. Number each box and log the contents.   Label each box with the room where it will be placed.
  5. Approximately 3 weeks before the move, arrange to have utilities disconnected at your current home and hooked up at your new one.
  6. Consider boarding your pets for moving day.
  7. Cancel newspaper delivery and fill out a change of address form at the post office.
  8. If you take medications, be sure you have enough if you are changing pharmacies.
  9. Pack valuables such as jewelry separately and transport them yourself.
  10. Call your insurance company to let them know your plans. Find out what your policy covers that the moving company's may not cover.
  11. After the movers have packed, go through to check for items left behind.  Check yard items, shed, kitchen cabinets, drawers, behind doors, under cabinets in bath, attic, crawl space, etc.