Donna’s Tips for Successful Selling


Donna Standing near fence
  1. Tidy up the grounds, porches, driveway, garage, and storage sheds.   Remove all old flower pots, hoses and debris.
  2. Your front door is the first impression. Be sure it is scrubbed clean or, if necessary, painted.   Remove all leaves, spider webs, and mildew from mailbox, storm door, door frame, gutters, etc.
  3. Keep all steps clear of hazards.
  4. Keep all closets and cabinets  neat and orderly.  Donate or throw away any items that are not going to be needed in your new house!
  5. Illumination is a welcome sign. Turn on lights (all of them -- even in closets!).  Replace all burned out bulbs.  Use higher wattage in dark corners and basement.
  6. Look up!  Clean cobwebs and dust from ceilings, heat ducts and returns.  Clean all glass covers on light fixtures.
  7. Use cleaners (409, Simple Green, Greased Lightning and X-14 mildew remover for tile)  to remove spots, grease, and mildew on all kitchen and bath fixtures.  Re-caulk tubs, if needed.
  8. Spot clean carpets or shampoo them entirely, if needed.
  9. Kitchens can make or break a sale. Clean glass, oven and burners, and replace pans, if needed.
  10. De-clutter counter tops.
  11. Have any leaking faucets repaired.
  12. If there are nail holes in the walls, fill and touch up with paint.
  13. If wall paper is frayed, scuffed or beginning to pull away, remove it or add corner molding.
  14. If toilet seats are old or stained, replace with white.
  15. Clean off tops of water heater and furnace.  Vacuum the storage room and attic.