Donna's Tips


An experienced real estate agent will help you through so much of the real estate maze from start to finish, but there are things that crop up during the process that you will prefer doing for yourself.  I have put together a few recommendaions to help prevent a lot of headaches and save you time and, maybe, some money .


Remember when your father announced he was trading in the family car for a new one and immediately went outside to wash, wax and vacuum it before taking it to the car dealer's?  He knew that spiffy-looking cars looked well-maintained and had better trade-in value. To get the best dollar for your "trade-in," be sure to check out Donna’s Tips for Successful Selling.


A pound of prevention may save you thousands for the cure.  Whether moving across town or across country, spending time to organize your tasks before hand will make your move less complicated and hassled.  Be sure to read Donna’sTips for a Smooth Move to get you started.